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Pureprofile cultivates an environment where people choose to interact with the businesses, brands and services that matter to them.

Instead of guessing who your audience is, what they want and how to reach them, Pureprofile connects you to on-demand groups of people who are ready and waiting to hear from you.


Identify and engage your target audiences


Gain deep insights into their preferences and intentions


Make intelligence-driven business decisions


Our members


Real consumers, real connections, real insights

Pureprofile members are active, authentic and deeply profiled. What does this mean for you? A more efficient way to engage your audience with campaigns they’ll genuinely be interested in, plus quality insights to help you and your clients make better business decisions.


The Pureprofile difference


We don’t go in for brief encounters

67,600 Pureprofilers have been with us for more than two years.  Genuine consumer connections develop over time, so we build lasting relationships with our members.


We see people as real people, not data

We get to know members as unique individuals to learn about their evolving purchasing habits and intentions.


We believe everyone’s time is valuable

We fairly reward our members for sharing their opinions, resulting in quality insights and interactions.


We've got groups ready for you to talk to

Connect with groups of hard-to-find people who can’t be reached through any other conventional channel.

We asked - our members answered


think good businesses care deeply about the experiences consumers have with their products


think their feedback is important in shaping the brands and services that they use


believe they should take time and care when completing surveys to be fairly rewarded



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