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Data Quality Commitment

Smart business decisions start with accurate insights

Data quality matters

Confident decision-making can only be based on real people and accurate data

For more than 20 years, we have been growing the global Pureprofile community of panellists, as well as the technology we use to engage them, to ensure that high-quality data lies at the centre of everything we do.

What sets us apart?

01: We grow and nurture a global panel of authentic respondents

We recruit the best panellists in the world – ensuring their continuous engagement by providing a fulfilling and captivating member journey.

02: We provide a member experience that’s second to none

Each and every Pureprofile panellist receives a constant stream of surveys & content, tailored to their unique interests & preferences. This personalised experience keeps our members captivated and engaged – and coming back for more.

03: We work on overdrive to protect the integrity of our panel

We utilise a broad range of security measures to ensure that no fraudulent or low quality panellists are added to the Pureprofile community:

Pureprofile data quality diagram. Multiple layers of verification at the point of registration

04: Our dedicated Quality Assurance team leave no stone unturned

Our Quality Assurance experts apply robust quality checks to ensure data is of the highest standard:


When a respondent completes the activity in under a third of the estimated survey time

Verbatim review

This flags if an invalid or unacceptable answer is provided in an open-ended response

Profile validation

If the answer to a survey question doesn’t match the answer we have previously recorded within a member’s profile, our system is notified

Straight lining

Flags when a series of answers are identical - for example, a respondent selects the same point on a ten-point scale over 5 questions in a row

Attention tests

When a respondent answers a trick question incorrectly. For example: “To ensure you’re paying attention, please select the number ‘3’ below”


Our reCaptcha system prevents any automated/robotic submissions

Cookie check

Panellists using the same browser are not permitted to take a survey more than once


We define technical parameters to identify fraudulent survey responses - such as geo-location or whether an anonymous proxy or a satellite provider is in use

Encouragement messages

Adds encouraging messages throughout the survey. For example: “Thanks for your answers so far, only a little further to the finish line!”

05: We are continuously evolving our tech stack to ensure we’re always ahead of the game

We constantly monitor the research industry for any developments in fraud technologies and techniques:

Proprietary technology

Our team of engineers are constantly refining Pureprofile’s own Fraud Centre platform - which reviews and analyses all member activity for suspicious behaviour

Technology partnerships

We work closely with industry-leading technology providers to eliminate fraud and any emerging data threats in real-time

Artifical Intelligence

With an established AI taskforce, our capabilities in detecting and preventing spam and fraud are becoming smarter, faster, and more efficient

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