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Audience Intelligence: Top 1,000 brands

A revolutionary data platform that provides unparalleled insights into Australian consumer spending

The tool to change your business for the better

Expand your market share, understand your competition and harness real consumer trends at the touch of a button.

Built on millions of verified transactions across Australia, find out how consumers are spending in your industry.

Then use this to your advantage.

Get a 360-degree view of consumers

Where are consumers spending the most and where are the gaps? Our reports provide the age, gender and location data you need to truly understand consumers. Find the opportunities – and turn information into action.
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Gain in-depth insights on the competition

With access to data from over 115 million verified transactions per year, you can see when, where and how often people are spending with your brand and your competitors. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the competition at a glance.

Anticipate changes in consumer behaviour

Audience Intelligence gives you the ability to see the spikes and troughs in your market. Be the first to jump on consumer spending trends as they unfold.

Report builder tool

A reporting solution to fit your bespoke market analysis needs

Our fully integrated report builder tool empowers you to extract custom dataset reports that can unlock answers to your immediate consumer questions and specific business pain points.

Core capabilities:

Instant processing of large datasets

Fast grid rendering and smooth scrolling

Configure a custom report

Data grouping focusing on specific subsets

Multi data visualisation options

Select from various visual data formats

Extract and save data results

Export to PDF, Excel, HTML, or PNG in one click

Audience Intelligence In tablet

Unrivalled market insights at your fingertips

Audience Intelligence provides the answers to your most burning questions
Let's get started

Audience Intelligence: Special offer

We’re so confident you’ll love this tool we’re giving you a FREE 3-month performance report for the category of your choice!

Request a commitment-free demo to check it out for yourself today!

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