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Have you ever stopped to think about the people that are filling out 30-minute surveys? What do they look like? Can you really trust the quality and representativeness of these respondents? Meet some of our panelists.

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This is the sample driving the insights used in million dollar decisions every single day.
The adage ‘garbage in, garbage out’ has never been more apt.

Pureprofile has invested heavily in the respondent experience over the past 14
years to create a quality site consumers are truly excited to be a part of.

Why consumers sign up to Pureprofile… 
and why they keep coming back

  • The best-quality respondent experience

    Beautiful surveys that are enjoyable and easy to complete on mobile or the web

  • Real rewards for sharing opinions

    Pureprofile is renowned for its generous cash earnings  paid straight  into members’ accounts. 

  • Insights and recommendations for every individual

    We deliver value beyond money. Our members gain knowledge to help  them make smarter decisions.

The advantage of perpetual profiling

Pureprofile members build a valuable personal profile over time,
which means we can connect and reconnect with them and
track their evolving preferences. See Pureprofile overview of profile.

We ask the questions upfront, so you don’t have to.

Members join on-demand groups you can talk to right now.

This means higher incidence rates and shorter interviews.

Plus, you get better respondent engagement at a lower cost.

Our respondents: they’re authentic,
they’re engaged and they care

Pureprofile members have a genuine desire to shape the products and services they use.

"I love giving my opinion on products and brands, especially when you then see a new product hit the shelves with the branding that you were involved in!”

Lauren, Account Holder since 2008

Work with us

Case study: Pureprofile + News Corp

As a testament to our member experience, News Corp uses our technology to drive their ‘NewsConnect
platform across multiple publications, giving us access to News Corp’s vast digital audience.

NewsConnect ties in perfectly with Pureprofile’s
philosophy of speaking to real people, not survey junkies.

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