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The Omnibus is a short survey sent by Pureprofile weekly to a nationally representative sample of 1,000 respondents. Buy one or more questions and access fast insights on any topics you like.

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The benefits:

  • Fast turnaround: Submit questions Thursday and get insights back on Monday.
  • Low cost: $500 per question.
  • Efficiency: Source your insights in a matter of days.
  • Understanding: Ask questions on any topic including brands, competitor’s, perceptions, awareness and intentions.
  • Automatic demographics: Determine differences by age, gender and location.

Example insights gained through the Omnibus

62% of Australians aged 25-34yrs plan to use Amazon when it launches in Australia.

24% of Australians have purchased through Amazon US or UK.


20% of Australians will be watching Season 7 Game of Thrones through Foxtel

14% of Australians do not own any insurance.