The Sydney Morning Herald : Buying rounds is deeply ingrained in Aussie culture but widely disliked

Posted by Pureprofile on September 4, 2017

The survey with a national representative sample of 1000 respondents, found 85 per cent of us participate in buying rounds of drinks – but 81 per cent of us would rather buy our own.

Originally published: The Sydney Morning Herald, September 2017

People often get out of a round by coming up with an excuse – you need to drive, you need to get up early, you're on the 5:2 diet, you want to drink a $12 glass of pinot noir while they drink $5 schooners of VB.

It turns out that honesty might be the best policy for any age group – simply say that you don't want to do a round before anyone buys you a drink. The research suggests that your mates probably feel the same way – and even if they pretend to give you flak, they won't really mind if there's one less drink to buy when it's their turn. Read more >

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