MUMBRELLA: Adland out of touch with ‘real Australians’ and doesn’t understand their media habits

Posted by Pureprofile on June 8, 2017

The echo chamber in the media, marketing and advertising industry is causing adland to underestimate the power of television and place a disproportionate weight on the importance of social media platforms in the lives of ‘everyday’ Australians, ThinkTV’s first AdNation study says.


Originally published: Mumbrella, 8 June 2017

ThinkTV commissioned marketing academic Professor Karen Nelson-Field to run the study which involved 1,636 adland professionals and over 1,016 “normal” people – based on the demographic profile of the industry and that of wider Australia – in a bid to reveal the key differences between the two groups, and how this leads to a disconnect between how people are engaging with advertising, and where marketers are spending their money.

The report claims the findings prove the “echo chamber” is alive and well.

On the left (orange) is how often adlanders use social media platforms, on the right (dark pink) is every day Australia. The light pink indicates how adland thought ‘normal’ people would answer.

Professor Nelson-Field used a representative sample of the Australian population provided by Pureprofile and Mumbrella’s database to survey a representative sample of advertising, media and marketing professionals, which included representative splits of seniority. The gender balance was 51% female and 49% male for both samples.



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