B&T : Adland, It's time to put those tired assumptions (Clichés?) to the test

Posted by Pureprofile on October 11, 2017

It’s human nature to assume most other people think and feel in ways that we can relate to.  It’s also natural to imagine the consensus view presented to us in product campaigns on packaging, billboards or TV screens must be founded in truth.

Originally published: B&T, 11 October 2017

A well-known FMCG brand recently made some assumptions about the target audience for a gluten-free product range and were on path to invest heavily in marketing to the trendy Millennial Mums category. It seemed like the right plan; this consumer group fits the stereotype of being more tuned into food trends and fussier about their family’s diets.

After soft launching with potential customers they discovered, whilst this target market was interested in their product range, other customer segments were more engaged with the product. These included dads, single parents and those of Asian ethnicity – none of which fitted the original marketing stereotype or the relevant imagery of the digital creative.  What a missed opportunity for that brand had they not tested their assumptions. Read more >

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