Pureprofile Brand Impact Studies

What is your digital advertising really doing to drive your brand forward?

What are Brand Impact Studies?

Pureprofile Brand Impact Studies enable you to isolate and evaluate the different elements of your campaign so you can focus on what’s driving the best outcomes.


Understand how brand awareness, consideration, consumer attitudes, key message communication and purchase intent are affected by:

Brand impact studies_Section 2_Ad format

Ad format

The type of ad – rich media, display native etc.

Brand impact studies_Section 2_Creative execution

Creative execution

Varying messages and creative concepts.

Brand impact studies_Section 2_Advertising channel

Advertising channel

Where the ad is placed – publisher websites, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Brand impact studies_Section 2_View frequency

View frequency

How many times the ad is viewed.

Brand impact studies_Section 2_Device


Tablet, smartphone or desktop.

Benefits of Pureprofile Brand Impact Studies:

  • Use Pureprofile’s programmatic company (Sparc Media) to serve advertising to your exact audience segment.
  • Tactically measure brand impact within a matter of days.
  • Gain strategic insights on what channels, formats, creatives and devices have the  best impact on your brand.
  • Reduce wastage by delivering ads and messages that have a greater brand impact.
  • Save time and money by understanding what doesn’t work before you start a campaign.
  • Easily access actionable insights through beautiful reports to share with your teams and clients.  

How do Brand Impact Studies work?


1. Select audience(s).


2. Display ads using programmatic.


3. Survey exposed and unexposed.


4. Insights on brand impact of campaign.


5. Optimise campaign by spend, creative or message.

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