Case Study: Market research platform Quidco Opinions


The Challenge:
Deep understanding of consumers path to purchase

Via an exclusive partnership with Quidco, Pureprofile created Quidco Opinions, to provide UK businesses with the deepest understanding of the path to purchase.

This offered the world’s first accessible big data platform for marketing research, giving access to attitudinal, transactional, social, and behavioural insights at the consumer level.

Panelists were recruited from the main pool of Quidco
members, tracking £840m worth of sales.


The results

A world first in accessible big data for market research.

  • Transactions tracked in 219 categories from 4,000+ merchants and vendors, made by 3.75 million profiled consumers.
  • Connected with hard-to-reach groups by accessing a vast audience growing by 40,000 per month.

An individualised approach

Individual level data

  • Targeted consumers on their actual, validated purchases.
  • Reduced survey length by linking to previously-asked, verified profile data.
  • Appended up to eight years of transactions for individual members to access a previously untapped consumer resource for research.

Individual brand purchases

  • Accessed 7 million verified purchases linked to specific brands.
  • Uncovered customers and competitors. Identified switchers and loyalists.
  • Easily appended brand-level purchases to businesses’ attitudinal data for a deeper insight never before seen.


Survey data + validated transactional data
= more powerful insights

Quidco Opinions combined two data sources to create meaningful customer segments which provided access to new responsive groups. This allowed an understanding of why customers purchased and created a huge commercial opportunity for the business.