Case Study: The myNIVEA Community Platform


The Challenge:
Understand and Engage with customers

As one of the most trusted and well-known skin care brands in the world, NIVEA has products catering to the needs of consumers across all demographic segments.

NIVEA needed to build a deep understanding of their customers in order to understand, connect and engage with them.

NIVEA teamed up with Pureprofile to launch the myNIVEA online community: a branded consumer portal where NIVEA users can -

  • browse products
  • view tailored skin care information
  • access to special offers
  • sign-up for product samples

Harnessing the power of the Pureprofile PlatformTM, myNIVEA has become the go-to solution to rapidly capture deep customer insights.


The solution: myNIVEA Community Platform

A flexible, personalised, and branded community was launched that enabled NIVEA to directly engage and converse with their consumers.

Backed by world leading technology in the Pureprofile PlatformTM, myNIVEA seamlessly combines robust consumer research with powerful relationship marketing.

Nivea_Section 3_myNIVEA

The myNIVEA Community 

Nivea_Section 4_Icon 1

Unlimited profile categories with up to 20 questions per category

Nivea_Section 4_Icon 2

Live messaging and invitation system for respondents

Nivea_Section 4_Icon 3

Homepage with communications, news updates and rich-media placeholders

Nivea_Section 4_Icon 4

Automatic profiling campaigns to keep members active & engaged

Nivea_Section 4_Icon 5

Individual respondent preferences

Nivea_Section 4_Icon 6

Optimised for mobile

"The Pureprofile myNIVEA platform allows us to deeply engage with our consumers, collecting meaningful insights which can help us to make key business decisions – while also targeting our consumers in a more personalised way. We’re thrilled with the progress of myNIVEA to date and look forward to a long and positive working relationship with the Pureprofile team."

Phoebe Adams • Digital Marketing Manager, Beiersdorf Ltd (NIVEA parent company)

The results

1. Community engagement

Through the implementation of The Pureprofile PlatformTM, NIVEA was able to quickly build, segment, and communicate with an engaged community. All data captured was tied back to individuals, leading to powerful insights from a single customer view and even deeper segmentation.

The information stored against each member will become richer over time as they interact with the community and as more data sources are connected (social, mobile, transactional).

2. Lifetime value maximised

All of NIVEA’s online direct marketing activities were integrated into The Pureprofile PlatformTM. This allowed NIVEA marketers and researchers to focus their time on the most value-adding activities whilst ensuring more harmonious messaging to their most captivated consumers.


Nivea_Section 5_The results


The myNIVEA community powered by Pureprofile has empowered NIVEA to quickly and deeply understand their broad customer base and communicate with them in a fundamentally more meaningful, intimate, and relevant way - maximising the lifetime value of their consumers.