News Connect

Case Study: How News Corp is using intelligent audience profiling to drive revenue and engagement.

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The News Connect Platform

Connect offers unparalleled insight to understand News readers and enriches the consumer experience by rewarding them for answering quick profiling questions.

The News Connect platform is powered by Pureprofile and drives the evolution of audience targeting. 

Through this platform News profiles their audience/subscribers to uncover preferences, attitudes and purchasing habits.

This leads to niche audience segmentation, precision targeting & increased ad revenues.

The results

Released in 2015 in Australia, the News Connect platform has grown to:

  • More than 3.5 million answers

  • 27 over-the-shelf audience segments and bespoke solutions for advertisers

  • Over 600 campaigns run in the past 12 months

  • Over 6 million unique profiles

  • 110,000+ masthead subscriptions / rewards redeemed by profiled audience in exchange for their data

  • Delivering ad-effectiveness and brand impact studies

  • Empowering editorial teams with access to content interest and fast statistics


Deep profiling of readers + data science helps achieve better targeting at scale.