Find out more about the Pureprofile Leadership Team

Paul Chan

Chief Innovation Officer

Paul envisioned a world where users could willingly participate in the marketing process, providing both consumers and advertisers with a valuable tool for making better decisions.

In 2000, Paul founded Pureprofile, an online marketing service where individuals could get paid to interact with brands through relevant questions. The system he had in mind (evidenced by a patent filed in 2002) consisted of a neutral platform where consumers could manage their own information and receive only relevant and useful communications.

Since its inception, Paul has driven the growth of Pureprofile into a global business with offices in Sydney, New York, London and Mumbai. It has more than 650 clients, has collected upwards of 300 million answers and paid out in excess of $20 million directly to individual consumers. Paul is building on the core concepts of Pureprofile to enable advertisers and marketers to reach relevant, specific audiences at the point of intention.

He believes new markets will quickly form, as it did with social, and that a confluence of events – between the popularity of wearable technology, the advent of big data, programmatic advertising and the emergence of the Internet of Things – has made the advertising industry ripe for disruption.


Kelvin Kirk

Managing Director – ANZ 

Kelvin has extensive experience in the Market Research, Marketing, IT and Telecommunications industries. Before joining Pureprofile, Kelvin was General Manager of market research company TEG Rewards which is part of the Ticketek group of companies (previously owned by Nine Entertainment).

Prior to that, Kelvin was Head of Marketing & Communications at Veda Advantage, a data analytics company and has held senior management roles in Telstra, IBM and AC Nielsen.

Kelvin has also been involved with a number of start ups in the data, telecommunications and consulting industries.


Luke O'Brien

Managing Director – Data & Insights

Luke heads up the Data & Insights division of Pureprofile and has been a vital force behind the evolution of Pureprofile’s groundbreaking technology. He is passionate about using technology to help people realise the true value of their own profiles, and to create a better way for brands to connect with the people that buy their products.

As the team continues to disrupt the market research and industry norms, Luke has been a serial evangelist for Pureprofile’s new model of panel. He is crusading to train the hearts and minds of the research industry to turn ‘panellists’ and ‘data points’ back into people.
Luke is also a guitarist, surfer, lifesaver and former breakdancer, and is known for spinning on his head with varying degrees of success.


John Griffin

Head of Technology

With 20+ years in software engineering John has been involved in designing and building some of the world’s largest online data collection and data warehousing platforms.

Prior to joining Pureprofile, he was CTO at Effective Measure, a world leader in Market Insights and Data Intelligence across Australia, Africa and the Middle East. John has held senior roles at Nielsen, RedSheriff, S1 and the Australian Department of Defence and holds bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (1st class honours) from the University of Adelaide.

John is currently based in Melbourne, Australia with a wife and two young children.


Shai Ishaq

Head of Talent and Culture

A passionate people and culture generalist, Shai's interest is in supporting the advanced growth of SMEs and the hard-working, talented people within them.

Shai commenced her career as a young operations manager dealing with all the challenges of attracting, growing and retaining talent in a competitive market. It was this experience that set her down the path of pursuing a career in people and culture.

After ten years of working on all things people and culture, Shai still believes that human capital is the key to business success and is excited to have joined the Pureprofile team in 2017 at this stage of their growth.